Active attempts to employ Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Recently BaaS, Blockchain as a Service, has been rapidly increasing, especially with multiple studies on the application of blockchain in the Smart City. The development of automobile technology using several blockchains was announced today, at “SMART CITY” The 2018 Korean Institute of ITS Conference held in Jeju Island, South Korea. More than 250 Smart city’s traffic-related papers have been published in this conference. Korean Government agencies including Korea Expressway Corporation and The Korea Transport Institute, along with SK Telecom, LG Electronics, Naver and Cube Intelligence presented their research on the Smart city transportation.
Cube Intelligence UK attracted attention by introducing their research during the special session. Cube is currently developing a vehicle security service, especially suited for autonomous and connected-cars, that employs blockchain.

Professor Young Yoon at Hongik University, an established expert in the field of AI and blockchain, has introduced…

2018 Spring meet-up, announcing blockchain-based Car-sharing services, and new Cube Intelligence CEO inauguration

Richard Biggs, Cube Intelligence UK CEO

Richard Biggs, inaugurated today as CEO of Cube Intelligence UK announced that Cube Intelligence is launching a blockchain-based Car-sharing service. The launch of the service will be effective starting from UK where the headquarter is located, with hopes to expand globally.

Cube Intelligence is a company that develops and provides blockchain-based autonomous vehicle security. Newly inaugurated Richard Biggs is a management specialist, with a major in Economics from LSE, and worked as an analyst at Ernst Young, a global consulting firm, and ABN AMRO, an European financial group. The inauguration was held today (April 18th) at 4pm, COEX Intercontinental Hotel.

Decentralization is the pivotal difference of Blockchain-based car-sharing from the existing car-sharing services. The existing car-sharing in a centralized car-sharing company buys cars in large quantities and distributes them into regions, whereas the blockchain-based car-sharing connec…

MG Damage Insurance - Cube Intelligence, Development of "Customer-oriented insurance products"

(L) Richard Biggs, Cube Intelligence Representative (R) Kim Dong Joo, MG Insurance Representative

- Combining with Blockchain technology, pioneering innovative insurance market
- 'One-stop automobile aftermarket service' oriented, development of insurance business model

MG Insurance (CEO Dong-Ju Kim) announced on April 16th that they have signed an MOU with Cube Intelligence, a Blockchain specialist, to develop a 'customer-centric insurance product'.

The two companies will undertake joint research and development of a Blockchain-based insurance business model, which is free of the limitations of the existing insurance market where it was limited to UBI (Usage Based Insurance) insurance development using automobile Big Data.

The new customer benefit-centric business model will support variety of premium discounts (driving habits, distance, day of the week, etc.), IOT-based automated emergency calls, customized vehicle management alerts (regards to troubleshooting, cons…

큐브인텔리전스-MG손해보험, 블록체인 기술접목 ‘고객혜택 중심 보험상품’ 개발 추진

(좌)리차드 빅스 큐브인텔리전스 대표 (우)김동주 MG손해보험 대표의 모습

큐브인텔리전스는 16일 MG손해보험과 함께 '고객혜택 중심 보험상품' 개발을 위한 업무협력 양해각서(MOU)를 체결했다고 밝혔습니다.

양사는 자동차 빅데이터를 활용한 UBI(Usage Based Insurance)보험 개발에 국한된 기존 보험시장의 한계를 탈피한 ‘블록체인 기반의 보험비즈니스모델’을 공동개발합니다. 앞으로 블록체인기술로 철저하게 보호된 자동차 운행데이터를 활용해 보험상품을 만든다는 계획입니다.

새로운 고객혜택 중심 사업모델은 다양한 보험료 할인(운전습관, 운행거리, 요일제운행 등), 사물인터넷(IOT)기반의 사고 자동비상호출, 맞춤형 차량관리 알림(고장진단, 소모품교환), 사고예방프로그램 등을 지원할 예정입니다. 또한 고객전용 애플리케이션을 제공해 차량관리이력 지원, 차량정보 실시간 확인 등 편의기능을 대폭 강화합니다.

뿐만 아니라 큐브인텔리전스에서는 블록체인 기술 접목으로 보다 실질적인 고객혜택을 제공하기 위해 주행거리에 따라 차량정비, 소모품교환 등에 현금처럼 사용할 수 있는 포인트를 지급합니다. 더불어 고객의 편의를 위해 정비센터, 중고차매매상, 보험사 등 제휴사를 통한 원스톱 서비스를 연결 제공합니다.

큐브인텔리전스와 MG손해보험은 앞으로 블록체인 기술을 접목한 '원스톱 자동차 애프터마켓서비스'로 보험 비즈니스모델을 발전시켜 보다 다양한 고객혜택을 만들어 갈 것입니다. 

MG 손해보험은?

MG손해보험은 현재 3조4천억의 자산을 보유한 안정적인 보험회사로 30-40대가 주축으로 많은 젋은 회원들을 보유한 대한민국의 보험회사이다. MG손해보험의 주요 사업은 손해보험 및 재보험 계약체결, 계약에 의한 보험료의 수입과 보험금 지급을 위한 자산운용이다. 취급 상품은 일반보험[화재, 적하, 배상책임, 기술, 종합, 해상, 항공 등], 장기보험[건강, 의료, 상해, 저축, 연금 등], 자동차보험[개인용, 업무용 등] 등 보험 상품과 약관대출, 담보…

Upcoming Cube Meetup - April 18th 2018

Today, we are excited to announce the upcoming Cube meetup. The meetup will include the inauguration ceremony of our global CEO Mr.Richard Biggs and Cube’s new project as well. 

Up to 30 Cube contributors could be a part of the meetup. We will share the meetup invitation by email asap.

Venue: COEX Intercontinental hotel, 30th Floor            (524, Bongeunsa-ro, Samsung Dong)
Date: April 18th, 2018, 4 PM ~ 6PM

Partnership Advancements between Cube & OKEX

On April 2, Cube's chairman, Bong-Hyeong Lee met Justin Leung and Shirley Kwok from OKEX International Business Operations team at a business conference in Seoul. It was the second personal meeting with OKEX, following the meeting of March with Chris Lee, the OKEX CEO. The representatives of the companies discussed the potential of future partnership between Cube and OKEX. Since Chris Lee's visit in March, OKEX has been showing partnership between the two, through promoting CUBE’s AUTO listing on several coin news channels. This April’s meeting spurs interest on how the Future partnership between the two ventures will advance.

Cube R & D Advisory Team and Korea ITS Society Announcement

CUBE is pleased to announce a key expansion of their R & D Team with the recent addition of Dr. Jang Hee-Su from Seoul National University and Professor Yoon Young from Hongik University. A blockchain based ecosystem for autonomous car security and information, CUBE will also present a special session at the upcoming Korea ITS Conference.

The recipient of a Doctorate from the University of Toronto and a Master's Degree in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Yoon is currently a Professor of Computer Science at Hongik University and a Research Director at NetcoreTech Incorporated.He has gained top-notch professional experience during his association with Samsung Electronics (IBM T.J.) Watson Research Center and Platform Computing.He specializes in distributed systems, middleware, cybersecurity solutions, and artificial intelligence applications.

Dr. Jang Hee-Su received her Ph.D. in blockchain from Seoul National University, Department of Industrial Engine…